A/4 Visa for Spouses and Children

- for the spouses and children of recipients of A/2 or A/3 visas

This visa is granted to the spouses and minor children of recipients of A/2 or A/3 visas.

The visa will be issued under the following conditions:

  1. The applicant is the spouse and/or minor child of a person who received an A/2 or A/3 visa ( proof by marriage certificate/birth certificate
  2. An application for an A/4 visa has been filled out and signed, and attached to the visa application of the person they are accompanying. Click here to download Visa form.
  3. Payment of the fee
  4. A valid passport – the passport must be valid for the entire period of stay and another six months beyond that time, and at least 6 blank visa pages
  5. The passport must have at least 3 double blank pages at the time of application.
  6. All applicants should submit their old passports ( if they have)
  7. Payment of the fee
  8. Two pictures 5 x 5 cm, white background high quality
  9. Travel and medical insurance for all the period
  10. Flight itinerary
  11. VISA application fee of 0 KES + Service charge of KES 2,553 (inclusive of VAT). Mode of payment cash in KES / USD or Mpesa Paybill number: 516833.
  12. No documents or Photos should be STAPLED or GLUED.
  13. Click here to schedule an appointment in advance.
  14. Bank Consent form is a must filled and signed.